A group of Little Fir Foundation Volunteers traveled to meet sponsored students and their families earlier this year. They've documented their trip in a short clip below.

Recent Program Update

December 3, 2015,  In 2015, we granted new scholarships to 4 college students and 6 high school students.  The college students we supported in 2011 graduated this year, some chose to continue with their master degrees and some decided to join the work force.  During 2014/2015, we also helped one of the college student with internship opportunities in the summer.

Looking ahead into 2016, we are considering expanding the program to a local school in the country side of Tongzhou City, Jiangsu.  We'll keep you posted on the progress.

We are also looking for volunteers for a summer English language camp to help the children in the school in Jiangsu. This will be their third year offering the highly successful program, with provided rural kids with an eye opening opportunity to learn not only the language, but also cultures around the world. In the past, they recruited volunteers from aboard through a non profit organization but had to pay a fee for each volunteer placed. For a school with a limited budget, this is nonetheless a burden. We hope our effort will be able to help them continue with the program.

Please feel free to pass the information below along to anybody that might be interested in an invaluable experience.

The Little Fir Foundation is looking for a few volunteers for a summer English camp for a local school in a small town in Southern China.
Location: Dongshe District, Tongzhou Shi, Jiangsu Province, China
Date: July 2nd to 12th, 2016 (tentative)
Format: 8 classes with 30 students in each class (elementary to junior high)
Volunteers:  6-8
Setup: Each volunteer will work with a local volunteer and a teacher from the school who facilitates with activities.
Program: Morning – two language activities (game, interactive teaching) with the kids in the morning, to create a fun and nurturing language environment.
Afternoon – Preparing for classes and cultural activities arranged by the school.
Responsible, loving and caring individuals with some experience of teaching or working with children preferred.  Chinese is not required.
Contact: Please send inquiries/resumes to info@littlefir.org.


July 12, 2015, we organized Rock for Hope XII Concert at the Santos Party House in Chinatown.

February 25, 2015, The Little Fir Foundation and Great Neck Chinese Association jointly organized a Chinese writing competition for celebrating Chinese New Year. 

October 7, 2014,  Little Fir Foundation issued scholarships to 39 students, 18 in high schools and 21 in colleges, for the school year of 2014.

September 27-28, 2014, a group of children from Great Neck, Long Island organized a yad sale to raise funds for the Little Fir Foundation. They raised close to $800 to support students in China.

September 13, 2014, we organized Rock for Hope XI Concert at the Santos Party House in Chinatown.

May 31, 2014,  Rock for Hope X Concert took place at Santo's Party House featuring several popular bands from NY area. 

November 9, 2013, a team of three Barclays employees, led by Chuck Zhang, organized Rock for Hope IX Concert on behalf of the Little Fir Foundation. The concert, took place at the Tammany Hall in Chinatown, succesfully drew a crowd of over 150 people.  For more information, please click here.  

June 1, 2013, Barclays Capital sponsored Rock for Hope VIII Concert  on on June 1, 2013, the Children's Day in China.

May 1, 2013, we have updated our student profile with new applications from high school students in Shao Xian, An Hui.  Please click on Little Fir Profile to read these inspiring stories.  Thank you for your support.

The list of the 2012 College Scholarship has been finalized. We selected 4 students this year, with 4 year scholarship. All the 4 students are going to Beijing for college in September. One student, Xu Yue has been a recipient of little fir high school scholarship since her junior year in high school. She ranked 8 among the science student in the college examinations in the county in 2012.  Please visit Our Program for more information.



Our Mission

We at the Little Fir Foundation want to give the talented children in China who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to higher education a chance - a chance not only to have an education, but also to succeed in life.

We provide tuition assistance to selected financially underprivileged children in China, also fund schools and educational institutions on programs that would enhance the quality of education in rural China. We select students from elementary school level and support them all the way through college. What’s more important, in addition to the monetary support, we will develop a community that provides one-on-one mentoring to all grant recipients. We want to be their mentors, to guide them when they are lost, to be there when they need someone to turn to, to encourage them on their journey to success.



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