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Giving talented children in China the opportunity to higher education

The Little Fir Foundation is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to offering underprivileged children opportunities to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential by empowering them with education.

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We at the Little Fir Foundation want to give the talented children in China who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to higher education a chance not only to have an education but also to succeed in life.


We provide tuition assistance to selected financially underprivileged children in China, also fund schools and educational institutions on programs that would enhance the quality of education in rural China.


We select students from elementary school level and support them all the way through college. What’s more important, in addition to the monetary support, we will develop a community that provides one-on-one mentoring to all grant recipients.


We want to be their mentors, to guide them when they are lost, to be there when they need someone to turn to, to encourage them on their journey to success.

News China Interview with Our President, Jingying Wu


We believe that every child deserves a good education. To an underprivileged child, education is the doorway to a world of possibilities and plays a central role in breaking the cycle of poverty.



Our Team

Jingying Wu 


Li Chang

Vice President

Ning Liu

Director (China)/Legal Counsel

Wen Yang

Director / Finance and Operation

Zhao Cheng

Director/Technology and Events

Our Story

It was Thanksgiving of 2008, as a tradition, we gathered at Li's place for dinner.  The six of us, who have remained friends since college, found ourselves within one hour drive from each other in a country that's ten thousand miles from home. Fate?

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That year, as the turkey was roasting in the oven, we started talking about philanthropy. We wanted to be more involved than just writing a simple "$" sign on a piece of paper.  Sure, sponsoring someone education matters, but we believed guidance needed to be part of the equation. 


We wondered. 

At least we wanted to try.

We hoped to be their sun and rain. To cultivate a little fir so that it can grow strong and as tall as the sky.

The Foundation itself is new and needs a lot of support.  Thanks to our friends, their generous donations, and volunteer work, we were able to start our first program in the summer of 2010, with a group of 20 kids in Shou Xian, An Hui, China. Since then, we have expanded our effort to other parts of China. 

 Thus Little Fir was born. A foundation dedicated to providing not only financial support, but also mentoring and guidance to those who need it most.  We borrowed the name from that old song we all knew since elementary school.  

Could we be that somebody for the kids? 

We thought about the decisions we had to make during our school years and the times that we wished we had somebody, not only our parents and teachers, to talk about life issues. 

We had all come a long way and were thankful for all we had accomplished. When possible, we tried to pay it forward and offer help to those in need. 

Our Story
Our Team
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