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Summer Camp

For the children who are no longer forgotten...

It started in 2016, with the help of Little Fir Foundation, the Dongrun Foundation, school administrators and 16 volunteers from the US, UK, and China. The program provided 2 weeks of English immersion classes and an enriching cultural exchange. 

The Summer Camp program is now in its 4th year in 2019.  We had A team of eight volunteers joined the program in 2018, along with 10 students from the US. Approximately 200 local students participated in the program. 

The Program

Through a joint effort between the Little Fir Foundation and The Dongrun Foundation, our newest project was born, a summer camp aimed to provide the local children with English immersion classes in literature, science, nature, and music led by eight professional volunteer educators from the United States and the UK.


For two weeks, the children are immersed in camp games, cultural activities and English lessons. They had the opportunity to be exposed to native speakers who provided an environment full of laughter, music, craft, sports, and games.  

The 300 children who attended the camp, had the opportunity to develop their English language skills through many oral and written activities. The teachers listened to their hopes and dreams and helped them understand that through hard work, the world can be opened to them.

The Program
About the community

About the Community

Nantong City, in Jiangsu Province, is an important location with an interesting history. It's a center of trade and textile production. Under its umbrella, there is a small community called Tongzhou District. It’s a simple farming location with a devastating situation. The families are separated due to the need of finding higher paying jobs. As a result, parents have to leave their homes and move to bigger cities in hopes of finding opportunities to provide for their families.

For months at a time, the children are left behind to live with grandparents that are very advanced in age and can’t provide all the attention, resources and supervision the children need. These children have been named “the forgotten children”. With very little available to them, their development and growth opportunities are very limited.  

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