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Little Fir Scholarship Program

Helping in more ways than one

In 2010 our Pilot Program provided help to 21 local children.  Since then, we have helped more than 100 students and the number is growing every year.

We are constantly thinking of ways to help those who need it most. We have partnered with organizations that help with our mission. We hope to do even more.

The Program

The Program

Started in 2010 as our pilot program, the Shou Xian Scholarship Program provided support to  21 kids. Three of which were sponsored to attend to top tier colleges and 18 students who received support throughout high school.

Every year we invite the scholarship applicants to write an essay about their lives and dreams.


The first year we gave the students writing prompts like:


"My future is not a dream"


The students wrote essays full of longing, strength, determination, and the desire to experience life on a global scale.

Reading their essays was heartbreaking.  We asked ourselves:


How much weight can a 16-year-old carry on its shoulders?  

The applications include information about the economic challenges that each family faces. They painted vivid pictures of the children, their struggles, dreams and efforts to stay ahead in school. 

 All the stories were different and yet similar, but through them, we saw their determination, their young hearts filled with passion for life, no matter how tough that life had been.

We decided to start with 3 local high schools. Originally, we wanted to provide college sponsoring for 2 graduating students.


2 children from each grade of the 3 schools were also selected to be sponsored throughout high school.


 As the college entrance exam finished in June 2010, we kicked off the Little Fir College Scholarship.  


After reviewing the applications, we decided to expand the number of full grant recipients to 3 and awarded a one-time scholarship to a 4th recipient. 

Please play the video to view some of their stories

About the Community

As agriculture remains the main industry in the region, and many areas locate in the flood zone, the people at Shou Xian long suffered from poverty.  As a result, some of the population became migrate workers in big cities, leaving young kids and old parents behind.  However, poverty didn't discourage the folks in Shou Xian from seeking a better education.  During our visits to schools, we learned a lot of touching stories about how the entire family struggled on the poverty line yet tried their best to support their kids to a better school. 

There are many places of historic interest, such as Anfeng Pond, King Liu An's Tomb, Pearl Spring, and Kuiguang Pavilion. The well-preserved ancient city wall is 10 meters tall, four meters thick, and 7,000 meters in circumference.

Shouxian is located along the banks of the Huaihe River and at the foot of Mt. Shouxian. It is a famous ancient cultural city established about 2,000 years ago. During the late period of the Warring States (475-221 B.C.), King Kaolie of the State of Chu moved his capital here. During the Western Han period (206 B.C.-A.D. 25), King Liu An of the State of Huainan made Shouxian his capital.

The Community
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