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Summer Camp 2016

The beggining

In the morning of July 2, 2016, eight teachers from the United States and the UK arrived at Tongzhou District, a small community, home to the "forgotten children" of China.

The Program

The summer camp was divided into eight classes each led by one of the volunteer teachers. They created an environment that fostered free expression and child lead learning. They broke the traditional methods by providing round table discussions and many group activities. These methods aimed to break from passive learning habits.



The volunteers held discussions with the local teachers of the East School in an effort to design the most suitable program. They visited the surrounding living area, to understand the local culture and the lives of students.

The content was delivered through games and self-confidence building activities. The classroom became a place where children had a voice, a place where they were engaged and looked forward to visiting. They created a beautiful community within each group and were proud to be a part of this experience.

The summer camp was widely covered by the local media and government entities. The children did not only enjoyed the experience but also felt cared for. The camp broaden their horizon, opened a world beyond their town and encouraged them to follow their dreams and do more with their lives. More importantly, it made them happy.

The Volunteers

The volunteers have many years of teaching experience. They diligently prepared for literature, science, nature and music courses. In order to ensure the quality of the lessons, they purchased many resources that went along went with the content. 


They traveled thousands of miles to the classroom and were received with great expectations and the children's deep love.

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