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On the afternoon of November 11th, the Little Fir Foundation's scholarship ceremony was held under the auspices of the deputy secretary of Ge Bijiang, the director of the political and religious department, and six students in Shouxian County who won the scholarship.

  The Little Fir Foundation was established in 2009, sponsored by Chinese students in the United States, whose purpose is to help underprivileged talented students by providing funding and mentorship until the successful completion of their formal education.

  The Shouxian-chancellor, conducted a survey of students who were very successful but held low financial resources. The staff of the “Little Fir Foundation " conducted face-to-face interviews with the candidates and their parents to understand their family status, personal circumstances, the advantages and disadvantages they faced and to learn about their interest and hobbies.

After the “Little Fir Foundation” extensive review the following students won scholarships:

高一(1)周宏伟、(3)鲍雨婷,高二(8)王彤彤、(9)江永霞,高三(1)徐悦、(24)张赛兰。(文/朱绍琴 图/李春鸣)

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