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Rock for Hope IX

November 2, 2013 - A team of three Barclay’s employees, led by Chuck Zhang, organized Rock for Hope IX Concert on behalf of the Little Fir Foundation on November

The concert, took place at the Tammany Hall in Chinatown, Manhattan and successfully drew a crowd of over 150 people.

The audience enjoyed live music from performing indie bands including Dissonant Theory, TAO, Bala, Cher and her friends, Amanda Wu and We Are the Wilderness.

The "Rock for Hope" benefit concert has established its presence as an ongoing series increasingly embraced by the NYC indie-rock community. It takes place every few months at various live music venues.

All proceeds from this concert will be used to sponsor scholarships for selected high school and college students in rural areas in China.

"Since 2010, the Little Fir Foundation has acted as a responsible and an increasingly important organization in raising both funds and awareness for the education of financially challenged children in rural China," said Zhao Cheng, a veteran participant. "As a drummer myself, I am also proud of the unique platform that our concerts have created, for a more integrated thus more culturally understanding environment in our music community and beyond." For further information about the concert, please visit:

About the Little Fir Foundation

Little Fir Foundation wants to give talented children from China, who otherwise wouldn't have access to higher education, a chance to not only to receive more opportunities, but also to succeed in life. We provide tuition assistance to selected underprivileged children, we fund schools, and other institutions that house programs that aim to enhance the quality of education in rural China. We select students from elementary school and provide financial support all the way through college. What's more important, we work on developing a community that provides one-on-one mentoring to all grant recipients so individual can serve as guides who are available to accompany them on their journey.

For further information about the Foundation, please visit

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